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A Great Deal or False Economy: How to be Penny Wise without Being Pound Foolish When Making New vs. Used Equipment Purchasing Decisions

Used restaurant equipment can be a bargain or a migraine. Caveat emptor.


Common sense tell us that used restaurant equipment is usually cheaper than new gear. At least in the short run. In the long run, however, plenty can go wrong. (And you are in this business for the long run, right?) Used gear can a good deal; however, know which used pieces that you can purchase new with confidence, and which to avoid, is critical. This article intends to help you know which is which.

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So, You’re Thinking About Owning,
Operating or Investing in a Restaurant…


How to Get into the Restaurant Business with Eyes Wide Open


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So You Want to Open a Restaurant?

The aim of this book is to help you gain a clear sense of the process and thought it takes as you consider your option of going into the restaurant business.

According to the National Restaurant Association nearly 50 percent of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at least once during their life, and over 25 percent of adults worked their first job in a restaurant. Cooking and food shows on television help fuel popular interest in food and drink.

It is no wonder why each year tens of thousands of people open restaurants. If you are reading this book, chances are you’ve considered joining their ranks. Before you read another word, however, we have to point out an obvious but often overlooked fact: A restaurant is a business. Moreover, it is a business with a multitude of facets and proverbial “moving parts” that are not always apparent if you’ve not previously owned or managed a restaurant.

A restaurant is a service business, a retail business, a hospitality business and a manufacturing plant all rolled into one, and managing it is a very demanding occupation. You need an accountant’s eye for numbers and a nurse’s patience when dealing with the public. You have to effectively lead people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Staff turnover tends to be high in most hospitality businesses, resulting in a constant cycle of hiring and training.

And yet it is very possible to be happy and successful as a restaurateur, particularly if you like continuous challenges. Like marriage and parenting, restaurant ownership can bring daily frustrations and soaring delights. If only desire, good intentions, and smarts were enough to succeed at any of these, then there would be no divorce nor shuttered eateries.

This guide is compiled and edited by the staff of Restaurant Startup & Growth, the official magazine of The publishers, editors and contributors have first-hand experience in the business as owners, managers, consultants and advisers. Over the past decade, they have amassed an in-depth library of articles, webinars, videos and tools and hands on experience to help those who want to open a restaurant, be successful and profitable.

Our goal is to help you appreciate and understand what is involved in launching a restaurant and what to expect in the doing. Whether you are considering a “from scratch” launch, purchasing an existing restaurant or entering into a franchise agreement, we believe the following chapters will help you take your first steps with open eyes. If after reading the information you decide that the restaurant business really isn’t for you at this time, we will be just as happy knowing you thoughtfully deferred your plans until you are ready to embark on the journey.

And if you decide to commit to this great business, all of us at Restaurant Startup & Growth and look forward to helping you on the way to build personal wealth, create jobs in your community and produce pleasant dining experiences for your guests and realize one of life’s greatest, most satisfying accomplishments.


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